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Our Manulife team will assist you with the administrative duties of your VRSP while you take care of your business.

As a recognized leader in providing group retirement solutions to Canadian businesses, Manulife has developed a cost-effective and easy-to-administer Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP) solution for you and your employees.

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Manulife makes it easy

  • No one in your office needs to track when an employee becomes eligible to join the plan - Manulife’s electronic identification of employee age and length of service will automatically enroll employees at the appropriate time and mail personalized employee notification packages directly to your employees’ home addresses.
  • Monthly payroll deduction report, delivered electronically – Manulife will deliver changes in employee contribution rates so you don’t need to collect these from your employees.
  • Virtual dashboard - makes it easy for you to add or terminate employees from the plan and change plan information.
  • Save time - integrate with payroll – Ceridian customers can save time by setting up a VRSP that is integrated with their payroll provider.

The best fit for you…

  • Multiple optional employer contribution choices if you choose to contribute
    • Match a percentage of employee contribution (25, 50, 75 or 100%) per pay period to a maximum dollar amount per year
    • Flat amount (percentage or dollar amount) per employee per pay period
    • Make contributions per employee at your discretion
  • Easy online access to remit contributions monthly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly

…the best fit for your employees

  • Simple online process for employees to opt out or change contribution rates using the Manulife secure website
  • Education through several proprietary online programs, videos and a resource library including our exclusive Steps retirement planning program
  • Support to answer any questions through a 1-800 phone line with financial educational specialists
  • Personalized member newsletters
  • Annual Plan member statements
  • iWatch exclusive fund management program

Benefits of Manulife’s & Ceridian’s Payroll Integration:

  1. Ceridian will manage your initial employee demographic file and new hire information for you – Following the plan being set up, you will be required to send Manulife your employee information. To assist you with this process, Ceridian will prepopulate the employee information file and send to you for forwarding to Manulife. You don’t need to spend the time preparing the file yourself.
  2. Collection and reporting of employee contribution rates - Each month, Manulife, on your behalf, will send your employees’ contribution rate instructions directly to Ceridian for processing. Employees can change their contribution amount at any time using Manulife’s secure website and you don’t have to worry about monitoring this information to determine the necessary payroll deductions and remittances. Ceridian will send the contributions directly to Manulife for deposit into employee VRSP accounts. These contributions will be included on your employees pay slips and tax receipts.

Set up your Manulife VRSP through the website link below and for no additional fees you can take advantage of the integration services with Ceridian and Manulife.